I’m not going to launch into a huge dismantling or discussion about the recent Starbucks red cup “crisis”, because honestly, I haven’t really read anything about it, avoided it on purpose, and have only seen the sensationalism that’s spread across my facebook page.

That being said, I do have a few thoughts and words on the overall subject:

  • You are always going to offend someone.

There are just too many people with self-righteous indignation. They need outlets! Some people live their lives merely to make a scene. It gives them a sense of purpose; it fills their narcissistic needs.

If anything, Starbucks should feel honored it was them this time! Hey, if you think about it, free advertising!

  •  Everyone’s a hypocrite.

I think it’s fairly obvious by now that every religion holds pockets of hypocrisy. A religion (in my opinion) is an organized and blatant display of ideologies and beliefs. It’s almost axiomatic that something like an organized group of unique humans are bound to stray from what is “right”. It’s like trying to take a Kindergarten class and asking them to stand in a straight line for more than five minutes.

It’s impossible to adhere all the time.

That being said, I don’t subscribe to any organized religion due to its nature to be “ridiculous” or “hypocritical” at times. I believe in being a good person, having morals, being kind and loving always, and cherishing all living beings.

Anyone I know who shares the same beliefs doesn’t care about the color of cups, because they are “in this world, but not of it.” Who cares? We’re just lucky there is such a thing as sweet, wonderfully delicious coffee.

  • What is wrong with red?

This has nothing to do with the color red, people. If the cup were blue, oh man, you bet there’d be a stink! The poor marketing team at Starbucks is probably scratching their heads and throwing up their hands in astonished defeat.

You win, Christians.

I mean, isn’t everything today politically correct? We can’t say “Merry Christmas” any longer; it has to be “Happy Holidays”. We cannot celebrate holidays in school, because it might offend someone. Didn’t you think for just a minute that perhaps Starbucks was trying NOT to offend anyone here?

But clearly some people are just offended that no one tried hard enough to offend them.

That brings me full circle to my first point, so here’s a good place to stop.


It’s an inanimate object for crying out loud. We’re just going to use it as a receptacle for coffee, tea, and the like, and then it goes in the garbage. There are bigger things about which to worry, folks.

Everyone’s a hypocrite. People live for drama.

Sensationalism and being a “brat” actually creates a very symbiotic marketing system, where both the offender and the offended get free press.

So, everyone wins. Lift your red cups in solidarity and Salute.