About Me

me with guitarI am human. I also happen to be a female in my early thirties, living on her own, in a suburban Connecticut town in which she grew up. There’s really nothing spectacular about me… except that I happen to be pretty, dang good at loving things. My writing is not half-bad, either.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an artist. Not uncommon. Then, I wanted to be an actress, and that one stuck for many years, probably until high school, when my dad disclosed to me that I “wasn’t good enough”. Since I have always loved history, while in high school, I told my father I wanted to be an archaeologist. Of course, his pragmatism buried that idea! (Pun intended.)

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, I had finally decided that I wanted to work with kids. Along the way, as life tends to have very twisted pathways, I strolled down an errant trail and ended up in wellness. I loved my yoga practice and now was able to take my computer and natural writing skills, as well as my effervescent personality, and turn it into a career. This was a beautiful journey for a short period of time until the business of which I was director of operations closed, and I was forced to seek out other career choices.

Currently, I am in charge of the quality assurance for training materials that my team develops for aviation instructors who teach maintenance technicians how to fix specific corporate aircraft.

A long way through time, I have found that although my interests have wavered, two of the things that never change are my interest in music (playing/writing) and my love and aptitude for writing.

Sure, it would be GREAT to be paid to do what I love–or at the very least to be acknowledged. I think that’s everyone’s pipe dream. Yet, I will settle even for being able to make a difference. In fact, it’s not settling at all. If I couldn’t make a positive impact doing what I love and am good at, then what’s the point?

I am human. But I also happen to be a decent writer. So, this blog is my ego planning, my dreams and hopes, my frustrations, as well as my experiences and, ultimately, my message of love.


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