My Fight for Love

[Some explicit language]


Back in December of 2014, I was dealing with a lot of heartache. Everyone experiences heartache at some point or another, I know that, but I had had enough. Little did I know, it would get worse after this video was recorded.

Nearly four years ago, I began blogging a lot again. I used to in my twenties, but after a relationship that left me ransacked and emotionally empty, I had no creative passion left in me. During my healing process in the years that followed my breakup with my ex fiancé, I was able to finally release a lot of the pain and turn it into beauty and productivity.

This video blog is the only one of its kind–as in, I’ve never posted one before. It might not be the most articulate, since I consider myself more of a writer than a speaker, but it comes from a place of desperation; a place of hunger for what is real.

My writing often entails divulging the emotional content of my being and my erroneous endeavors in romance, but I write about a different kind of love, too: Humanity. Cosmic love. Unconditional love. I titled this video “My Fight for Love” when I posted it on Youtube, and after that day, the wheels began to turn in my head for the platform I wanted to create for my own writing. Here it is: My Fight for Love.

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