Watched Pot

She witnesses the world around her opening up,

Like the way clouds of stained color disperse from herbs,

Slowly stretching out swirling arms across a mug of tea


Everywhere, everyone is seemingly living,

Achieving greatness or losing sanity,

But doing it magnanimously


She sits, waiting for the unfurling of her own imagined fate;

Darting eyes wondering if the next moment or situation will be the one to

Change things drastically


She learned young,

A watched pot never boils

Among the Living

White petals curled in afternoon sunlight

Rutilant eyes, surprised by morning’s gentle crest of

Whispering, echoing bird calls

The urging tickle in your throat;

The throbbing longing in the chest;

A coming of age for the soul to drop

Those dampening robes of complacency

To join the simple song of humming cars,

A trickling stream, two lovers’ dreams, and kids on swings

To be again among the living

and breathe the purity of euphoria

Midnight Tare (11.13.06)

On a night when pharmacy fills the air

I lay here in midnight’s tare

Which I dare suck in, in subtle fumes

Ruins are my slackened form, complacent and subdued.

Entertained by thoughts of you,

Kindred and calming, like the moon’s wax and waning

You’ve been there all along.

Amorously I long for this loss of weight

To be cradled in your nooks, be the

Voice of your song.

Time is dissipating along with my pain

Like nights where love belongs.


Lingering in midnight’s tare,

Breathing passion in quiet anticipation

Entertained by thoughts of my counterpart,

The wall built, and the mason.

It divides us, now, while you lay unconsciously apart.

But constructs made cannot deter me;

Rapt with invading sleepiness, I dress my dreams,

Prepare for night to end, the fading star’s gleam.


I confess my intimacy with you has me relaxed and sweet

A smoker’s midnight daze and

Two lover’s single heartbeat.





Raw (11.30.15)

Your lips last night convinced me

How real love can be

How desperately it is felt

How passionately it is fulfilled


When time creates tender touches,

It flows into the room,

Into tousling hair and kissing finger tips and

We make the quiet between our breath something sacred,

Something treasured


Irrational love knows that every second of waiting and longing

Was worth this small sliver of time,

This lack of sleep;

That it was worth

The intensity of the heartache of your leaving footsteps and

The lingering spell of bliss in my thoughts


So many perfect moments spent in your arms and this

Was a trophy on the shelf

A reminder of why I love having a body

Am thankful for sight, hearing, and touch

Why it’s near impossible to ever let go


Real cannot be feigned and

Feigning is never reward enough

For I’ve found millions of seconds could pass and

Your kiss always tastes better than ecstasy,

Your touch more relieving than massage,

And your presence as raw as

Two hearts exposed in the privacy of each other’s bare embrace


Never Be (4.28.15)

This too good to be true feeling

Usually one no one wants to believe

We’re different

It’s our whole premise

The very definition of our romance,

So sweet, so generous and real,

Is that it can never be

Manhattan Afternoon

It was the way your voice lifted and softened

when you spoke about the chestnut in my eyes;

The bit of yellow you found, and

seemed to be lost in;

The kiss that followed;

The braided embrace


By the waters of Manhattan

time slowed down

One of the prettiest and

most sincere moments

we’ve shared

Shouldn’t We

Shouldn’t we always know it won’t last?

That girl, curled under her blanket,

Sleepily murmuring romantic ideals to a man

On the other end of the phone who

Returned each and every one:


She didn’t know.

She had forgotten, somehow.


An opium evening

We laze with one another,

Folding into peach and tan


Your head nuzzled into my soft chest,

The breaths spilling from you in relaxed sighs


I caress your lovely hair and kiss

Your perfect face;

Your tiny, freckled nose


No words are exchanged


It becomes almost impossible to move

Our bodies will us to stay this way forever